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Imagine your processes and your systems supporting you instead of inhibiting you. Did you know that applying digital ethics as a design tool would open up new possibilities for you?

Digitalisierung. Prozesse & Systeme.

Wir bringen Struktur und einfache Werkzeuge mit, um Ihre Prozesse und Ihre Systeme vor einem Digitalisierungsprojekt zu optimieren.

Viele Entscheidungstragende und Unternehmen stehen vor der Herausforderung, Digitalisierungsprojekte einzuführen, ohne zu wissen, wo Sie anfangen sollen.

Uncertainty leads to frustration.

We at VALUE ADDITION understand you.

If you would like to implement an automation or business solution, it is worthwhile to first question your processes. Are these the right processes?

Do these still contribute to achieve your goals?
Are they aligned with your IT and business strategy?
Can some steps be eliminated?
Welche Schritte sollen automatisiert werden?

Mit mehr als 18 Jahren Erfahrung im Bereich Managementsysteme und IT-Projekten helfen wir Ihnen und Ihrem Unternehmen eine Struktur zu implementieren und bauen gemeinsam mit Ihnen ein System, das zu Ihrem Unternehmenserfolg beiträgt.

Wir verstehen IT-Provider und Anwender sehr gut, sodass wir eine funktionierende Verbindung zwischen Anforderungen und vorhandenen Ressourcen ermöglichen. Mit unseren QM-Ansätzen und Methodik, kombiniert mit offenen und zielgerichteten Persönlichkeiten, gewinnen Sie mehr Vertrauen gegenüber Kunden/Stakeholdern.

We successfully accompany you in process reviews, in the selection and introduction of a software solution as well as trainings.

The rule here is clear: effectiveness before efficiency.

Added value for you:

  • Projects are successfully completed according to budget (cost, time and quality).
  • Your employees are enthusiastic about new approaches and applications.
  • You gain more time for your customers experiences.

We have a network of suitable partners to assist us with your specific and individual needs so that you receive the best possible service.

Ethics in Technology. Diversity.

You definitely want to reflect your values as well as your responsibility in dealing with employees and in your products and solutions.Using ethics as a design tool will even open up new business opportunities for you.

New technologies and digital approaches are developing faster than we can consciously make up our minds. Laws and standards often don't keep up.

Sie tragen weiterhin Verantwortung für Ihre Produkte und Lösungen und für die damit erzeugten Konsequenzen.

Used mindfully and deliberately, ethical approaches open new doors for us to build stronger stakeholder relationships and find better solutions for people and the environments in which they live.

With our simple tools, we show you and your team that ethics is very useful as a new design and solution tool to make conscious decisions for yourself and for your customers.

In the context of diversity, this ensures that you include people who we have been systematically excluding in your solutions. Ethics is an opportunity to achieve "the real impact" of diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Ethics is not just a design tool for technology companies. For every digital solution and for every project, ethics is a useful tool that opens up new possibilities for you.

We are happy to accompany you, no matter what phase your project is in or what goal you are pursuing.

We would be happy to start with a short interactive keynote presentation.

Added value for you:

  • Digital ethics gives you competitive advantage and new business opportunities
  • The real impact: You make a significant contribution to diversity, belonging and sustainability with your products and solutions
  • You make comprehensible decisions and avoid undesirable effects of your products and solutions for people and their environment

Trainings. Keynotes. Workshops. Projects.

Experience shows that most projects fail not because of the technology, but because the people involved are not convinced about the WHY.

We inspire people to achieve a common goal, whether in the form of training, project management, keynotes or workshops.

Unsere Ansätze und Methodik im Projektmanagement führen Sie rasch zum Ziel, ohne versteckte Kosten. Unsere erfolgreichste Projekte umfassen Ethik im Design und in der Technologie, IT- & QM-Projekte, Schulungsprogramme oder Zusammenführung von Systemen nach Geschäfts-Akquise. 

Our trainings are effective because we manage to captivate people both digitally and on site. Whether in the name of VALUE ADDITION or together with our partners, our trainings and seminars first bring our participants to the realization "It's all easier than I assumed".

Our keynotes motivate and change perspectives. 

With our workshops, we get buy in from relevant stakeholders and deliver results.

We moderate factually and with empathy at the same time.

With our 3 steps we bring you safely to the goal: Understand - Implement - Check effectiveness

Knowledge Stage. Valuable connections

More than just a live stream. A knowledge stage, We build bridges with our guests and viewers.

Our live shows offer you a knowledge stage you have never experienced before: Powerful, convincing and with ease, we convey relevant knowledge together with our guests.

Always an enriching experience for our guests as they reflect on their solutions and benefit from the engagement with the audience.

Whether you are alone or with your team, we stream either on-site at your location or separately, for an audience of your choice.

Our stages connect people, businesses and cultures. We create an experience.

Wenn auch Sie und Ihr Team unsere Gäste sein möchten @#OmondiLIVE, kontaktieren Sie uns.

Added value for you is our passion.

Your investment
Our promise

Working with us will take you further, no matter what form it takes. The results will accompany you for a long time, because together we create a solid basis. Your success is our mission.
Per hour
Support/ Implement
  • Project Management
  • Workshops
  • Prozess Reviews vor Automatisierung
  • Entwicklung von Kursen
  • Weitere Leistungen nach Bedarf
  • CHF: 250,-
Your event
  • Digitalisierung & QM
  • Ethics in technology: using simple tools to create new business opportunities
  • Diversity & Ethics in Technology: "The real impact"
  • Die Anderen: Vielfalt und die Magie in uns
  • Expanding sphere of influence with our partner Alexandra Lang
  • Further topics as you request
  • CHF: 2757,-
Ihr Erlebnis
  • Train the Trainer
  • Internal Audits
  • QM für Führungskräfte, Managementsysteme- & Prozessverantwortliche
  • Prozess-Review vor Digitalisierung
  • Der vier Ecken Ansatz: Ethik in der Technologie
  • Diversity & Technology
  • CHF: 2577,-
  • Für QM-Themen: keine Inhouse Schulungen
Your success is our mission
Your added value is our passion. Each activity leads to your goal.
We are gladly there for you.
On- or offline
Talk to us
Follow us. Ready for a chat?
Your success is our mission
Your added value is our passion. Each activity leads to your goal.
We are gladly there for you.
On- or offline
Talk to us
Follow us. Ready for a chat?

2022 Copyright by Susan Omondi. All rights reserved.

2022 Copyright by Susan Omondi. All rights reserved.